Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Banks try to repair image by repaying loans


Look at Banks trying to repair their image, do you think that is even possible?


  1. No I don't think they will be able to repair their image. It's nice to see that they are making an attempt to, knowing that they screwed up but the damage is already done.

  2. I agree with Jake when he says that the damage is already done but some image repair may help

  3. Yeah, people will still distrust them but no one ever turns down free money.

    I didn't know they would feel bad about what they did since there weren't any repercussions for them.

  4. Does the image of banks really make that much of a difference anyway? Considering the industry as a whole, do they really need people to like them? They still have all the lending power, and what citizen is going to keep all their money in cash under their mattress? I guess they have some competitors, like credit unions, but in reality I feel like banks will be here forever, good image or bad.