Monday, June 3, 2013

Blogging about Roy not blogging

So it's tenth week and we're all seniors so I know that we're all on the struggle bus. I'm just posting another blog so we can all fulfill our comment obligation before class. I will also be commenting on my own post. I don't know about you guys, but I have really enjoyed this senior seminar and am glad we had such a great group. If Ray wasn't always bringing us down I would say we were basically a dream team tackling the financial crisis. Although the class was super laid back, I have probably learned more about the class subject than most of the other classes I have taken, especially since it was so discussion based. So basically comment on this with whatever you want. How do you feel about graduating in less than two weeks? What was something you learned in this class that really stuck with you? Does anyone actually believe Georgakopoulos is Jared's real last name? Feel free to make more than one comment on this post to complete your comment requirement (I'm sure Professor McKinney won't mind) just put some thought into them.

P.S. Don't forget to bring food tomorrow. Bring some grass for Erica (she doesn't eat meat)


  1. I loved this class, which is saying something given that it's a seminar and we all know how much I love talking in class. I think the group dynamic was perfect, and yes, I would even go so far as to say we were in fact, a financial crisis dream team, even with Roy's bad attitude.

    As for graduation.. there's pretty much a whole spectrum of emotions I could list. Whatever happens I feel prepared to finally be a grown up, and I think it's classes like this that really help you to discover your own learning style and to gain confidence in that.

    Shane, you're sweet to think of me but I'm switching to organic grass so I'll bring my own...

  2. This was definitely my favorite class. All of the discussions were very thorough and we touched a pretty good range of very interesting things, from the corruption in the banking system to the bitcoin. It was just a great experience.

    It's too bad that I wont be able to take another class like this one, or another class in general, but I am happy to be done with everything, school wise.

    Next step is the real world.. and with the classes that I have taken over the years I feel pretty prepared for whatever it has to offer.

  3. This is such a bitter-sweet feeling. Everything is coming to an end, and I don't know how to feel about it. I wish I had more time to accomplish everything that I set out to do when I first got here, but I don't regret anything. Like the rest of my K-career, this seminar has taught me more about myself and life than I could have ever imagined. I will always take away the relationships and the bonds that I have shared with classmates throughout the learning process. These are the best years of our lives, and I can finally understand why I've been told they would be since I was little. I'm looking forward to what the future brings for all of us. Thanks Shane.

  4. This was a solid group of people with the exception of Roy. I definitely put it up there with best and most enjoyable classes that I have taken at K. As for graduation I'm looking to enter the job market, maybe take my talents West (who knows). I'm looking forward to class tonight as I do every Tuesday for more reasons than one. I had a great time meeting new people in this class and reunited with old friends.

    Woods Out

  5. I honestly didn't think I would enjoy this seminar manly because I was convinced it would be about boring finance stuff but I actually got a better understanding of our economic situation and the business environment then I have in any other class. I feel like after this class I can look at my future career in business more realistically and I enjoyed everything this class offered me.

    You guys were great
    2013 TURN UP =)

  6. This class was pretty great. I really enjoyed spending tuesday nights with everyone. One of my fondest memories from this will be the scavenger hunt. Thanks for a wonderful quarter!