Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Is Trump serious about breaking up banks?

President Donald Trump sent a jolt into the financial world this week by saying in an interview that breaking up the big banks is something that he's "looking at right now."The reason any effort to break up the banks for real is doomed is because Washington's most enduring bipartisan "achievement" has been its favoritism for large financial institutions. Could it be that trump is talking about "looking at" a new Glass-Steagall Act just to appear "populist", while understanding that the GOP congress would never agree to limit financial speculation? On the other hand, if Trump is serious about breaking up big banks, it might go a long way towards boosting his abysmal approval ratings.

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Do you think Trump has a chance to break up the big banks? If so, what are some implications of breaking up the big banks? Do you think he should break up the big banks?


  1. I feel that if there was every a time that the big banks could have been been broken up it was after the housing crisis, and that obviously didn't happen. So I would say there is little chance that he will be able to break them up.

  2. His policy positions are too chaotic to make a call, really. He certainly couldn't get anything too interventionist through congress.