Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trump aides facing perilous stage of Russia probe

Robert Mueller, the former F.B.I. Director, is named special counsel for the Russian Investigation. This includes investigating ties between President Trump's campaign and Russian officials. The investigation has only just started, but now that it has, and now that Trump and his aides and allies know it exists, they are legally responsible for preserving all available information that might be relevant. Any failure to keep track of emails, messages, and other records could expose them to criminal charges down the line.

Keeping track of information delivered through apps like Confide, Signal, and WhatsApp will be hard. These apps use auto-delete technology and are usually encrypted. Any effort to delete or hide these apps will certainly be a cause for suspicion.


Do you think that Trump and his administration really do have ties to Russia? Or is this all being blown out of proportion?

Even if he does, what are the chances he will be caught?


  1. I mean various actions point to possible ties but I think we will be given more clarity once James Comey testifies, which should be this coming week. It is also not being blown out of proportion as it is a serious matter and the public has a lot of questions that need to be answered.

  2. I agree with Chris. I do want more clarity once Comey testifies but it is not looking good at all for the administration.

  3. Despite all of the bad media coverage, Trump seems to continue to emerge from scandal and lies without too many scratches. I have a feeling that even if clear ties to Russia emerge, he will have his scapegoats ready to be fired. It could lead to a big change up of his administration, but likely wont take him down with it.

  4. I think that the Trump administration has some link to Russia but like what everyone else has said, we need to wait until Comey speaks. I think we need more details in order to make claims about if Trump had/has ties with Russia.

  5. I agree with Chris. Regardless of what people say or think, one can only really speak when the official results of the investigation are released.