Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For Joe

If the FCC gets enough public comments against the proposed changes in internet pricing and access, they may cave.  Here is a piece on how public comments work in the rule making process.  Consider making a short comment if you care about access to the internet.

Everything You Need To Know Before E-mailing The FCC About Net Neutrality – Consumerist

If you feel like you don't understand the issue well enough, take a look at this short piece in the LA Times:,0,3234289.column




  1. I wonder how much weight the comments actually carry. The first article states that the FCC must provide some sort of response to the general comments, but they are under no obligation to actually consider them. I think providing an internet forum is an easy way for the allow people to vent without actually having to listen to their comments. Money talks, and the ISP's have plenty of it (and the possibility to make a lot more, depending on the ruling). Internet responses are a start, but the public needs to find a way to speak louder.

  2. I'm with Joe--I remain very cynical about this. It reminds me of the's petition website. Every petition over a certain amount will receive an official response from the White House, which usually amounts to "yeah, soooo... not gonna do anything because we don't have to."

  3. But what other recourse do we have?