Monday, April 25, 2016

The Kochs Have Spoken

Read the article above.

According to this article, the Kochs believe that Hilary would be a better president than Trump or Cruz. Charles Koch also did not specifically answer if they will fully support Hilary if she wins the Democratic nomination. The Koch brothers have been very unhappy with the way the Republican Party is running things this election and they do not believe either candidate is worthy of the seat.

What do you think? Do you think the Kochs will take it easy this election or secretly endorse Hilary? Is it a good thing they are not happy with the Republican Party? Does this mean that Hilary is now on the Koch's payroll?


  1. Frankly, this doesn't surprise me in the slightest. If there's one thing Hillary Clinton has supported consistently it's big money and her responses in any of the democratic debates show how the Kochs could side with her. When pressed about environmental issues, she dodges the question with a broad "climate change is a problem" answer. Sanders is far more outspoken as a staunch opponent of fracking, coal and nuclear energy. If you look at Vermont, the state is the leader in renewable electricity production at 99.8%. That's bad business for the Kochs.
    Although Cruz and Trump don't consider climate change to be an issue or not a big issue, respectively, the Koch Brothers probably want someone who is stable and controllable, for which neither candidate qualify. Cruz, as we've read from "Dark Money" was briefly mentioned as a Tea Party spawn, but the Koch's probably don't think he's electable. Trump can't be bought and has no consistancy, so given their options the Koch Brothers should probably support Hillary. Let's not forget that neoliberalism is the new conservatism.

  2. I came up with interesting ideas. The Koch family might show the pokerface. They might fund the Republican, while they officially say supporting Hilary. The Koch family is usually "hated by Democrats and loved by Republicans". Superficially Implying their interest in Hilary is a nice strategy. They will not be hated by Republicans because the Koch family would practically support. If the Koch family shows preferences towards Hilary, there is nothing to lose for them because they did not declare their supports towards the Democrats. Also, if Hilary really becomes the president, his implied interest will be a surface reason for the Koch family to support Hilary regime later.

    The Koch family members are amazing politicians and strategists.