Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CEOs paid more than ever: Median pay for bosses rise above $10million for the first time after fourth consecutive increase


  1. Not surprised at all. As Piketty states: "it is only reasonable to assume that people in a position to set their own salaries have a natural incentive to treat themselves generously." While CEO's may not set their own pay, we've seen how interconnected boards of directors are.

  2. Yeap, I think it is only expected to increase more in the future...

  3. wow the raises are mind-blowing. the last couple of sentences pulled my emotional strings a bit. "CEOs are still getting much bigger raises than the average U.S. worker.

    "The Bureau of Labor Statistics said average weekly wages for U.S. workers rose 1.3 per cent in 2013. At that rate an employee would have to work 257 years to make what a typical S&P 500 CEO makes in a year."

    This compared to the ginormous CEO pay raises of 600 - 700 percent does not even start to make any sense.